Seniors Welcome SDSU Students

September 14, 2011 - Paul Downey

san diego state university student interns with seniorsPaul invites Amber Brychta, MSW and Director of Academic Programs and Research SDSU/SCC Collaboration for Health Aging and Workforce Development, to share more about CHAWD’s sophomore class.

As another school year begins, Senior Community Centers welcomes a new group of students and faculty from San Diego State University (SDSU) who will participate in the Collaboration for Healthy Aging and Workforce Development (CHAWD).  This collaboration between Senior Community Centers and the San Diego State University College of Health and Human Services, made possible by the Gary and Mary West Foundation, enters its second year. The major goal of CHAWD is to strengthen healthcare services offered to seniors through the advancement of empirical knowledge of aging issues and the enhancement of higher education and workforce development in geriatric healthcare and allied fields.  The seniors  benefit via free health and social services provided by SDSU students and faculty, while the students and faculty benefit via field experience and research opportunities; furthermore, seniors of the (near and distant) future will benefit from improved services resulting from the research conducted and education offered through CHAWD.

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