Senior Rally Day

May 13, 2016 - Serving Seniors

More than 500 seniors from throughout California held a rally at the State Capitol on May 11.  Senior Rally Day is an opportunity for California’s senior community to advocate and bring awareness to senior issues such as poverty, nutrition, healthcare, and long-term care.  Serving Seniors President and CEO, Paul Downey, who also serves as Chair of the California Commission on Aging, was a keynote speaker at the rally. Assemblymember Cheryl Brown, Chair of the Assembly Aging and Long-Term Care Committee helped organize the rally.

“My number one priority is to give a voice to our state’s senior community,” said Assemblymember Brown. “California’s aging population faces a diverse set of challenges, and this rally presents a forum that will allow the legislature to work with seniors and find solutions to the issues they face.”   

Immediately following the rally, hundreds of seniors met with their state legislators to educate them on priority budget augmentations including a $5.4 million increase for senior nutrition programs which will provide an additional 730,000 meals annually statewide.

“Seniors make an impact each day. The State of California needs to honor that impact by building infrastructure that not only allows seniors to survive, but to thrive.”

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