Whether you’re one person or a large group, there’s something meaningful for you to do at Serving Seniors.

Do you want to be the highlight of someone’s day? How about their whole week? Even though one hour may not seem like much to you, that hour means the world to our seniors.

Just a few hours of your time is priceless to the seniors we serve every day. Whether you tell them a story (or listen to one of theirs), share a joke, serve lunch or play a game, your time and energy are appreciated by everyone here.

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For more info about volunteering, contact Tim Ruis, Director of Activities & Volunteers, at 619-487-0727.

“Helping out at the West Wellness Center gives me satisfaction after all they’ve done for me since 2004. I need the routine in my life, to be needed somewhere every day, and I consider this my new happy family after life didn’t go as planned.”

John (69), Senior Volunteer