What is Advocacy?

At Serving Seniors, we view advocacy as a crucial activity in creating good policy, by strengthening the lines of communication through increased participation and education for both the community and our policy-makers. The goals of an advocacy campaign may range from drafting and passing a new or amended law to protecting or increasing funding for current programs.

Additionally, we advocate:

Why is Advocacy Important?

FACT: The aging population is the fastest growing population. By 2030, older adults (65 and above) will double and outnumber children (17 and younger).

We see the Tsunami on the horizon, and believe we can bring our communities together to address the needs through better policy making. Advocacy can help you have control over your situation; and it ensures that you have a voice and that it will be heard.

Who Should Become an Advocate?

Everyone. At some point in our lives we are affected by aging policy; by either financially supporting programs through tax dollars, utilizing aging programs or as caregiver. More and more adults find themselves in what is called the Sandwich Generation: adults who are busy taking care of their own kids and their parents as well.

What sort of “sandwich” are you?

Stay Informed!

Attend a Civic Engagement meeting.  The group meets at 1:30 PM every Wednesday at the West Wellness Center.

“Being so involved in our Civic Engagement group allows me to expand the joy I have as an advocate for myself while continuing to empower others to stand up for their rights. I like to learn something new every day and that helps guide me through my mature years. It makes me feel useful to apply the skills I already have for something worthwhile.”

Queen (74), Civic Engagement Member