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June 5, 2014 - Serving Seniors

Welcome to the first installment of a new monthly series we’re calling Experience Matters. Each month we will be posing a question to various groups of seniors and sharing their thoughtful responses here on the Serving Seniors Blog. The seniors we serve have decades and decades of diverse life experiences and stories to share, and we believe the perspective that comes with age is incredibly unique and valuable. This is a space for seniors to impart their thoughts, stories and infinite wisdom on all of us.

The question we posed this month elicited a wide array of responses from a group of seniors at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center.

“What famous person do you admire, and why?”

Experience Matters- June Photos

“Frederick Douglass.  I admire him because he spent his life fighting for justice and equality for all people.” – Fred Davis

“Jane Fonda.  Jane has always spoken her truth even though it has brought her many problems.”  – Dennis Dooley

“Steve Jobs.  He achieved his dream of producing quality products that empower people.”                  -Steve LoCoco

“Harry S. Truman, my first president.  He was short in height but big in character.  What he wanted, he went after.” -Tim Tracy

“The person I admire is Michelle Obama.  She has always been gracious and down to earth.  Even before she became famous she was a very prosperous lawyer who left her job and her salary to work for a non-profit organization to help the poor and disadvantaged people of Chicago.  She is our first lady and she cares for us all.” – Shirley Ruiz

“I admire Martin Luther King for trying to make peace in the world, so we can live together as better human beings.” -Gwen Johnson

While these highly esteemed individuals range from historical and political figures to more contemporary influencers, they all have one thing in common — they have made a huge impression on some of today’s older adults.  Now tell us, what famous person do YOU admire and why?

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