2016 Senior Honorees-2017 COMING SOON!

Senior Honorees and our Sponsors

  • Bill Schons | Veteran, Padre's Fan, Hard-worker

    Arlene Prater and Gary Schons are proud to honor Bill Schons.

    My Dad, known to all as Bill, was born August 8, 1914, the week WW I started. He will be 102 this year. He is a native of Chicago, who struggled to support his family through the Depression, was a WW II Navy veteran, and moved to California after the war with my mom and her mother, when my sister and I came into his life. He worked as a truck driver for the American Can Co. before retiring to Oceanside in the 80’s. He is the epitome of the Greatest Generation.

    As a much younger man, my father literally help build (construct)  his parish church (St. Christopher’s in West Covina) and St. Lucy’s Priory (Glendora). After he retired and moved to Oceanside in the early 80’s from West Covina, he worked 3-4 days per week  gathering and helped distribute food for Catholics Charities in Vista. He did that for years until his body gave out and he had to go live my sister, Nancy.

    My father was a humble, hard-working man who honored his family every day of his life. He inspired me to be honest, fair and hard working. I’d like my father to know I admire his courage, faith and hope in getting up and facing life every day even as his body deserts him.

  • Carol Joan Anderson | Grandmother, Baker, Volunteer

    Andy and Suzan Young are pleased to honor Carol Joan Anderson in celebration of her volunteerism and a life well lived. Carol was born in Salamanca, New York and moved with her family to California in 1977. Carol spent her life raising her three daughters and being best friend to many.

    She spent most of her life serving others through numerous volunteer organizations. She was a Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teacher for over 40 years, at Zion Covenant Church in Jamestown, New York, then at Emanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido and Mission Hills Church in San Marcos. When she moved to San Marcos with her husband and family, Carol started working with Meals on Wheels where she would deliver meals twice a month and did so for over 30 years. Carol had a love for baking and would bake for church events, International Students, and Servicemen (ANCHOR). When not volunteering, Carol enjoyed time with her family, Bocce Ball and hockey games.

    Carol leaves a legacy of many individuals touched by her generosity and altruism. For this, we honor her and encourage all to answer the call to service.

  • Sammantha McDonald | Volunteer, Survivor, Advocate

    Sempra Energy is pleased to honor Sammantha (Samm) McDonald, a lifelong community volunteer. Her first community service experience was in kindergarten, when she went door-to-door on behalf of the March of Dimes collecting money to help a classmate with polio. That experience helped prepare her for a 34-year career with Sempra Energy’s utility SDG&E, where she retired doing the job she loved most:  manager of community relations, a role that gave her responsibility for community partnerships, employee organizations and volunteer programs. Even now, Samm continues to serve the company as volunteer chair of the company’s retirees association.

    Samm has led the fight against breast cancer for almost two decades. Diagnosed at the age of 46, she found new purpose, and her commitment to fighting the disease became a growing passion.  Now, nearly 20 years later, we salute her dedication and commitment to helping eradicate the disease. Samm has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer – mostly for research and mammograms for those who couldn’t afford them. “Giving back feels so great. It is more satisfying than one could ever imagine,” says McDonald.

    Samm is best defined by the word “advocate,” one who publicly supports or recommends action; a champion.  The wine that best describes her is a vintage sparkling wine – one that comes from a strong beginning, rich aging over time, nuance and wonderful layers of flavor, complexity and sparkle!

  • Bob Hope | Pioneer, Inspiration

    SDG&E is pleased to honor Bob Hope, our former colleague and a man of exceptional dedication to country and community.   Bob was a U.S. Army paratrooper, and after he stopped jumping out of planes for his country, he continued the same sense of adventure and courage in his 45 years at SDG&E.  He retired in 2000 but left behind a legacy as one of the first pioneers of electric vehicles in San Diego.  He was ahead of his time, and now, as SDG&E is bringing back the electric car, he must be smiling to himself, “back to the future.”

    Bob didn’t keep his sense of adventure to himself.  Bob prepared those around him to be paratroopers in their own right.  He developed training programs for his colleagues, local businesses, and budding engineers at San Diego City College and SDSU.  He encouraged others to learn, take risks, and be innovators.  He was a role model for youth at organizations such as Junior Achievement, the YMCA, the United Way, Little League baseball, and Pop Warner football.

    Today, Bob grows local avocados and oranges, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that what he doesn’t sell to local markets, he gives away to friends across San Diego.  Bob continues to inspire everyone around him.  SDG&E is proud to honor Bob Hope and his experiences of a lifetime.

  • Cyril Reinicke | Patriarch, Educator, Leader

    Scatena Daniels recognizes Cyril Reinicke, community volunteer.

    After Cyril Reinicke finished a distinguished career in education in San Diego County, he embarked on an encore career focusing on community service, volunteering over 15 hours a week with various nonprofits. Cyril has been a volunteer mediator with National Conflict Resolution center since 2007 and has conducted more than 500 mediations. The disputes he has helped resolve range from neighborhood disputes to family disputes to small claims court cases. At any given time, you will also find him leading communications and conflict resolution classes at Connections Housing, delivering meals for Mama’s Kitchen, and helping kindergarteners learn to read at Bay Park Elementary School.  He has also recruited bands to play at the Gary & Mary West Senior Center operated by Serving Seniors. He has also taken on a fiduciary-type management role within his family, ensuring his relatives get the best care and resources in a timely manner.

    Cyril is an inspiration because he is able to look at any situation and determine what is the best outcome for the issue at hand, not what will benefit himself. His commitment, kindness, creativity and professionalism can make anyone smile. Thank you Cyril for sharing your creative solutions and follow-through to address community and family needs.


  • Patricia Chase | Hero, Volunteer, Fighter

    Hyder Property Management is proud to honor Patricia Chase.

    She has been volunteering with homeless veterans for a good portion of her life. Her inspiration is her brother who is a Vietnam veteran that suffers from posts traumatic stress disorder.  Through him, she started working in a program called Stand-down, which is a program to help veterans, the disabled and their families. She would look for places for them to sleep, be fed, utilize medical services, and even find a job. She also volunteered at the VA hospital where she would assist them with their medication, appointments, and therapy, as well as helping doctors and nurses.

    Patricia never thought she would have been homeless. Living in her car for a year, parking one place to another, she felt embarrassed and hopeless.  Even though she has helped so many people, she had difficulty helping herself. She found out about Potiker City Heights when she came across an old friend who is a resident. She would help her with home cleaning, running errands, and taking her to doctor appointments. She now lives at Potiker City Heights Residence and despite everything she has gone through, she feels very grateful and continues to help many residents here.  Their families are grateful for how she goes out of her way to help. We are very proud of having her as our honoree.

  • Yolanda Maldonado | Volunteer, Care Giver, Hard Worker


    Martha Guy is proud to honor Yolanda Maldonado.

    Yolana was born in La Paz, Bolivia and came to the US in 1963. She is retired from the US Postal Service & the Union Tribune. Because of a resume writing class today in the Cyber Cafe, she coincidentally was able to share some “old” references from past employers stating she had a fantastic work ethic. One stated “the only way Yolanda falls short in her work is because of her stature, she could out perform people twice her size.”

    Yolanda started volunteering at the Senior Wellness Center about 7-8 years ago, beginning at the old Broadway site. She is a woman with great integrity and before the death of her mother, was her caretaker. She also appeared on Serving Seniors’ behalf for a couple of Spanish news segments.

    She is ALWAYS a delight to be around and we appreciate her hard work and dedication to Serving Seniors.