Delivering More Than Meals to Seniors in Need

August 14, 2014 - Serving Seniors

In addition to the meals we serve at various sites around San Diego, we also deliver 500 meals each day to homebound seniors who live at or below poverty levels and cannot access nutritious food services because they have a chronic illness or condition making it hard to leave their home for food. Often they live in single room occupancy hotels (SRO’s) in Downtown San Diego – not what they envisioned their life would be like in their golden years. 013

Rosemary, one of our Home Delivered Meals (HDM) clients, lived a lavish life in Silicon Valley years ago and never expected she’d one day live in a tiny studio unable to afford adequate food.  She now struggles to leave her apartment due to health issues and relies heavily on these meals.  Rosemary only spends about 1-3 hours each week outside of her apartment, and Joyce, her HDM driver, is one of the few people she interacts with.  “These meals mean everything to me and the human contact is necessary.  I love seeing Joyce and look forward to it,” says Rosemary. 

While other organizations use volunteers to deliver meals, Serving Seniors does not. Having the same delivery driver allows Serving Seniors’ social workers to be notified immediately if there is any change in the seniors’ physical or mental condition.   Many of our HDM clients don’t have anyone checking in on them regularly except their HDM driver.

Seniors like Rosemary not only benefit from the healthy, balanced meals delivered to their doors but also from seeing the same smiling face with each delivery.  The meals, along with the human contact, provide much needed sustenance to over 500 homebound seniors in San Diego every single day.

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    I’m trying to get a job delivering food

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