Chinese New Year

January 20, 2017 - Serving Seniors

This afternoon Serving Seniors hosted a Chinese New Year celebration with more than 40 Asian senior clients performing traditional Chinese acts from Taiji sword to Tajji fan dancing to musical instrument and singing.

Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. Traditionally, at Chinese New Year celebrations people wear red clothes, and decorate poems on red paper. Red symbolizes fire, which according to legend can drive away bad luck.

Thank you to Maggie Mo, our Mandarin speaking social worker, Mr. Mau who orchestrated the event and to all of the beautiful performers this afternoon. Happy New Year!

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Poverty Awareness Month

January 12, 2017 - Serving Seniors

January is Poverty Awareness Month. Did you know that over 43.1 million Americans currently live in poverty? For many poverty is not something we are faced with on a daily basis but our neighbors and members of our community may be closer to that line than we think. What does it mean to live at the poverty line? How much does it actually cost to live a comfortable life? Check out this video from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops  to gain perspective on what life’s necessities really cost:


Here at Serving Seniors a majority of our clients live at or below the poverty line, living on about $850 per month, and are forced to choose between necessities like food, medicine and shelter. Thanks to your generosity and the support system we’ve built through Serving Seniors many of the obstacles are removed and seniors are able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

We have helped thousands of seniors already but many more are in need. This month help us raise awareness of the poverty in our country and in our community and become a resource for those who need help. Please visit if you or someone you know is in need of assistance.

Emergency Funds Help Seniors Secure Housing

December 29, 2016 - Serving Seniors


Many of Serving Seniors’ clients live on fixed incomes well below $900 per month and are unable to afford many household items we tend to take for granted. Serving Seniors is a support system to San Diego seniors and thanks to SCAN Health Plan’s investment over the past year we are able to help many clients with emergency funding to help them turn their affordable housing units into a home.

Josef G.: Josef has been a client of the Wellness Center for some time. He had been couch surfing with friends since June 2016 after having exhausted his housing options. Josef had been actively seeking affordable housing but the waitlists were years long. Josef came to HPP and secured housing at Luther Tower 2 months into the program. Our organization used SCAN funds to assist client in purchasing a mattress for his new apartment for which he actively worked.

Sylvia W.: Sylvia and her husband were both participants of the HPP program simultaneously. They actively participated in all aspects of case management and met every challenge they faced head on, as their priority was to secure permanent housing and finally settle down after spending months living out of their car. A few months into the program, Sylvia was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Due to the chemo and radiation treatments, Sylvia had to undergo, she was unable to eat at times. Her doctor recommended a juicer, which would assist her in getting proper nutrition. Serving Seniors was able to purchase a new juicer for Sylvia utilizing SCAN funds for which both Sylvia and her husband were very grateful.

Francis A.: Francis had been chronically homeless for close to two decades. He had difficulty finding resources and lacked the support, as he had no family or friends to count on. Francis turned to Serving Seniors and was an active participant of the HPP program. Through the program, Francis was referred to the New Palace and consequently was able to secure a unit. Serving Seniors used SCAN funds to assist Francis in paying the security deposit for his upcoming unit aiding him in ending almost 20 years of homelessness.

Maria V: Maria is a Spanish speaking client who has been attending the GMWSWC for a few years now. Maria recently was offered a unit at a HUD building, Westminster. Since Maria was previously a resident at one of our buildings, Potiker Family Senior Residence, she did not have any furniture of her own as the studio she was in was fully furnished. The case manager was able to assist the client by utilizing SCAN funds in order to purchase a full bedroom set for the client as she spent the first nights at her new apartment sleeping on the floor. Thanks to the generosity of SCAN funds, Maria is now able to sleep comfortably in her new bed.

Thank you to our wonderful supporter, SCAN Health Plan, for helping to keep seniors healthy and off San Diego’s streets!

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