2 out of 5 San Diego seniors have to choose between rent and food.

Aging in America – The Silver Tsunami

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Federal Poverty Level vs. Elder Index

Poverty is a common thread among seniors across the country. Many are struggling to pay for necessities such as meals and prescription medication. Making ends meet is a constant balancing act. The majority of the seniors who are living in poverty receive some form of government assistance such as Social Security and Medicare. These funds are critical but often aren’t enough.

The Federal Poverty Level (FPL) was created in 1964 with a one-size fits all format and does not factor in regional differences. The formula for calculating FPL has not changed since it was devised.

UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research developed a better measurement that uses actual data (region specific) to calculate basic needs. This measurement is called the Elder Index.

The numbers below reflect what the federal government and the Center for Health Policy and Research recommend as the amount of income needed for food, housing, healthcare and transportation.

Federal Poverty Level

Elder Index: San Diego

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