Senior Idol 2017

August 29, 2017 - Paul Downey

On Thursday, August 24 we held our immensely popular annual talent competition, Senior Idol, at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center. This year’s competition boasted fifteen phenomenal acts, one exceptional emcee, four judges and two generous sponsors. Performers and audience members alike enjoyed a talent-filled afternoon; the dining-room-turned-performance-hall was standing room only.

The Intuit company band welcomed audience members with a delightful collection of 50s and 60s-era chart-topping songs as they entered the dining room and made their way to seats. The band was so lively and talented that while we waited for the official program to begin, some of our seniors started dancing! Maybe every talent show should start with an impromptu dance party — it certainly put everyone in the mood to enjoy the show and support the performers.

Queen Johnson, a member of Serving Seniors’ Civic Engagement Committee, emceed the event and shared fun facts and tidbits about each contestant before they showed off their talents. The senior contestants dazzled us with their singing and musical talents, made us laugh with their comedy, inspired us with their art and moved us with their poetry.

Jose G. took home first place with his rousing performance of a “La Bamba”/”Twist and Shout” medley. The Serving Seniors Singers took home second place for their musical contribution while Julia M. and Candelario O. took home third and fourth place, respectively.

Darwin C. kicked off the event with a comedy routine à la Rodney Dangerfield, then Elizabeth “Lisa” V. played a Beethoven piece on the piano. Bob B., Ines N., Beatrice T., Candelario “Candy” O., Steve T., Avelina G., Larry L., Jose G. and the Serving Seniors Singers all performed songs. Donna Jean J., Julia M. and Patricia A. each read pieces of poetry and Dan O. painted (while dancing!) to music.

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