CareFusion Hosts an Interactive Game Day for Seniors!

September 25, 2014 - Serving Seniors

Last week, a large group of employees from CareFusion volunteered at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center in a super fun and unique way – by hosting a Game Day for seniors. With the logistical help and coordination from event masterminds, Right Hand Events, they were able to create their own volunteer experience like no other. An enormous crowd of seniors showed up to participate in Game Day and it was obvious by the noise level alone that they were enjoying themselves. They competed against one another and CareFusion employees in Wii bowling, chess, dominoes and ping pong.

The energy was contagious and everyone seemed to be having a blast throughout the day. A photo booth was set up with silly props which added to the fun and provided souvenir photos for seniors to take with them. While our seniors have a wide variety of activities offered to them on a daily basis at our Wellness Center, it is quite special to have so many young people to engage with in such a fun way. These types of events offer our seniors the opportunity for some quality intergenerational interaction, something many of them rarely get in their daily lives. Thank you to everyone at CareFusion who came out to play and to Right Hand Events for making Game Day seamless and smooth for everybody involved.

If you or your company would like to create your own unique volunteer experience, contact Tim Ruis, Manager of Activities & Volunteers, to discuss potential opportunities.

September is National Yoga Month!

September 18, 2014 - Serving Seniors

Today, we’re talking all about yoga and answering some basic questions in honor of National Yoga Month. The goal of this month is to educate the community about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is the name of the game at Serving Seniors so we’re more than happy to kick off the conversation.national yoga month2

What is yoga? Yoga is considered a mind-body type of complementary and alternative medicine practice. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind. Yoga has many styles, forms and intensities, so if you intend to try a new class it can be helpful to read up on the style ahead of time.

Why should I practice yoga? There is plenty of research indicating several health benefits associated with practicing yoga.

Some potential health benefits of yoga include:

  • Stress reduction. A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.
  • Improved fitness. Practicing yoga can lead to improved balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. And this means you’re less likely to injure yourself in other physical endeavors or in your daily activities.
  • Management of chronic conditions. Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Yoga might also help alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.


Who should practice yoga?  Yoga is generally considered safe for most healthy people seniors yogawhen practiced under the guidance of a trained instructor. The benefits mentioned earlier are obviously wonderful for individuals of all ages but there there are even more benefits as we age. Improved balance, for example, is especially important in seniors who have an increased risk of falling. Many of our senior clients also suffer from chronic health conditions which can be alleviated through a consistent yoga practice.

Where can I practice or try yoga? The beautiful thing about yoga is that it can be practiced just about anywhere. San Diego is saturated with yoga studios but if you’d prefer to practice at home or save money, the internet offers a wide array of yoga videos. Serving Seniors offers FREE yoga classes for seniors at various times throughout the month. Be sure to check out the activities calendar on our Lifelong Learning page for future dates and times.

Have you ever tried yoga?

If not, do the potential health benefits make you more inclined to try it?

* If you have a medical condition, be sure to talk to your health care provider before starting yoga.
*Sources: National Institutes of Health, National Centers for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

Volunteer Spotlight on Jen VanderSanden

September 11, 2014 - Serving Seniors

This month, we are shining the spotlight on Jen VanderSanden who has been volunteering withjen vander Serving Seniors for well over a decade!  She is committed to helping San Diego’s seniors despite her busy schedule as a pilates instructor, personal trainer and owner of Aire Urban Fitness.  She is held in very high esteem by all of the seniors she serves as well as the staff at the West Senior Wellness Center.  We had a chance to ask her a few questions and find out what motivates her to keep coming back.

How long have you volunteered with Serving Seniors?

I started in 2001 in the old location on 9th and Broadway.

What motivates you to continue volunteering with us?

The seniors are always so nice and appreciative. As is everyone that works there year round. I always walk out with a smile on my face.

Why should others consider volunteering with Serving Seniors?

Since the agency relies on volunteers to serve meals, I feel it’s the least the community can do to give back.

What is your fondest memory of serving seniors at the Wellness Center?

Over the years I love to see the same faces and hear stories that some of them tell about the past. The new building is so nice and there are many great services provided. 

Thank you, Jen, for your longstanding commitment and service to San Diego’s seniors.  You are a bright spot in their days and you truly make a difference!

Would you like to make a difference?  

Visit our Volunteer page to find out how you can get involved!


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