Great News: The Virtual Senior Center is up and running!

November 7, 2013 - Serving Seniors

Life just became a lot more fun and rewarding for 45 home-bound seniors in San Diego. With the financial support of Selfhelp and Aging and Independent Services and in cooperation with OASIS and San Diego Futures Foundation, Senior Community Centers launched the long-anticipated Virtual Senior Center last month.

As a pilot program in only three US cities, Senior Community Centers is honored to provide the necessary services to make this program a success.


Home-bound seniors – most of which receive home delivered meals from Senior Community Centers – have been equipped with a user friendly computer screen in their homes that lets them connect to other seniors and participate in a variety of classes such as: yoga; book club; meet the nurse; senior resources; civic engagement; senior advocacy and policy; healthier living; computer training; sports recap; current events; etc. Participants will also be able to attend classes offered in Chicago and New York City that are also part of the pilot program.

The goals of this exciting new program include:

  • Increase socialization opportunities
  • Increase mental fitness
  • Decrease depression
  • Lower the number of health care visits and emergency services

Stay tuned for updates from our initial group of participants. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Laura Stevens at 619.487.0739.

Living with Alzheimer’s – Meet Joe and Dolores

November 5, 2013 - Serving Seniors


Senior Community Centers regularly encounters seniors who are affected by Alzheimer’s – either personally or as a caretaker to a family member. Last month, we shared how staying mentally fit can help to prevent Alzheimer’s. This month, we would like you to meet Joe and Dolores:

Joe (84) and Dolores (83) have been married for 63 years and receive home delivered meals from Senior Community Centers. Eight years ago, Dolores began showing the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Joe remains a loving husband and 24/7 caretaker to Dolores.

Supportive Services team member Silvia visited Joe and Dolores earlier this year to chat about living with Alzheimer’s and being a caretaker:

“I can’t speak for all caretakers, only for myself,” says Joe. “It took a long time to acclimate to our new life. First you get angry and then you learn to understand the disease. After that, you recognize habits which helps to get through the day. It’s frustrating not to be able to easily leave the house but we’re married til death due us part so it never crosses my mind to send the love of my life away. No one else knows her the way I do.”

Do you have questions or need advise being a caregiver? Senior Community Centers hosts an Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center every 4th Tuesday of the month. Please contact Laura Stevens at 619.487.0739 for more information.

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